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Electronics and Appliance Recycling


When buying a new computer or appliance, get one that is Energy Star compliant and has a high grade on the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. Generally, laptops are “greener” than desktops because they use less energy and material and have been designed with power sensitivity in mind.


Trash Haulers like Deffenbaugh Industries take appliances, and others may as well. Be sure to contact them directly as there are fees for recycling. Cell phone companies, like Sprint will take used phones to refurbish or recycle parts. Please check with the store beforehand. For all other materials, please reference the list below for more information.


Office Products Recycling Association (OPRA)
At 3 Trails and Metro North Community Recycling Centers
Only accepts cell phones, inkjet/toner cartridges, laptops, GPS units, MP3 players, iPods and digital cameras, and the
batteries and chargers for these devices.


Surplus Exchange
518 Santa Fe St, KCMO, (816)472-0444
They accept TV’s, computer equipment, landline telephones, business phone systems, etc. There is a fee for some items.