Connecting Environment, Economy, and Community

Heartland Tree Alliance

Healthy People Need Healthy Trees


The mission of Heartland Tree Alliance is to engage people of the Greater Kansas City region to take action and advocate for a healthy community forest.


We are a group of people who recognize the importance of the trees that are along our streets, in our parks and around our homes, businesses and public buildings. We teach people about all the critically important benefits created by urban trees, why these trees need extra care, and the proper ways to give them that care. We also organize planting events, pruning events and tree care workdays so people can get involved.


Since 2005, HTA volunteers have conducted more than 2,750 shifts, which represents over 18,000 hours of donated time! The efforts put forth from these volunteers has enabled HTA to plant 2,656 trees, prune 2,304, and maintain an additional 1,504 trees by mulching or removing guy wires.